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Maverick Nutrition was founded to challenge the status quo of the supplements industry in delivering targeted solutions and consolidating information to help you regain control over your life. By assembling sound research, our manufacturing expertise, and stringent testing, we have created a range of solutions to maximize the efficiency and capabilities of our consumers, enabling them to start living sooner.


An informed public is a healthy public, able to make sound decisions to further society.


We have an innate desire to grow and be better. The name of the game is quality of life, envisioned through our solutions.


By the philosophies of informing our consumers and constant improvement, we aim to deliver innovative solutions to a constantly evolving set of problems;
get ahead of the curve.


We are proudly Canadian!

All our manufacturing is done in our backyard of British Columbia, Canada, in certified GMP production facilities, registered and regulated by the proud Health Canada governmental body.

We are proudly Canadian!

All our manufacturing is done in our backyard of British Columbia, Canada, in certified GMP production facilities, registered and regulated by the proud Health Canada governmental body.

What are Nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals are functional solutions that provide medicinal benefits and health supporting functions, with vigorous testing and product design philosophies not dissimilar to pharmaceuticals. By combining this with the health benefits of wholesome natural compounds, Nutraceuticals are able to provide the best of both worlds. Maverick Nutrition takes this to the next level by emphasising on the “feeling” component of our solutions, ensuring you can feel the Maverick difference.



We are a certified Tru-ID brand.

Established in 2013, this is the world’s first and leading certification agency providing revolutionary DNA biotechnology testing on natural health products and food items to ensure that the natural ingredients we place on our labels are in fact what is in there!


We are Third Party Lab tested across the board!

We like to let our results do the talking, and what better way to do this than by getting neutral third-party Health Canada certified laboratories to do the talking for us?


We follow Natural Health Product Regulation!

Health Canada, being one of the most responsible governmental agencies in the world regulating the natural health products industry, requires all products to be individually registered and overlooked by their professionals. From potency, to each ingredient’s quality and testing parameters, we fully follow Health Canada’s regulatory framework, providing further peace of mind.


We are HMCA certified for all of our products

For all Islamic brethren of the Maverick family, we provide this further certification to ensure peace of mind for our consumers. All our products are processed in a Halal certified production facility, with products being individually Halal certified, we would like to show our cultural and religious sensitivities, and our all-encompassing philosophy.

Who are we?

DS You

The operations guy; DS is the “work hard-play hard” cliché. With a finance degree from UBC and 5+ years of nutraceutical industry experience, DS has been the operations guy behind some of the most impactful products across the globe.

Favourite product: #MNTRANQUILITY – “Sleep is the best defence, with optimized sleep, I’m always ready to take the day.”

Phelix Peer

The idealist; Phelix is the formulator and brains behind the solutions Maverick Nutrition offers. Having studied cell biology and genetics in UBC, Phelix chose to go down the business route and revitalize the nutraceutical industry, focusing on what we need, prioritizing efficacy and functionality over branding and marketing. As an avid gym-goer, Phelix can always be found in the gym, or trolling conventions, studying product designs and reading the latest research on mental health, optimizing diet, and a long term sustainable approach to health.

Favourite product: #MNFLOW – “I’m not a morning person, until I started taking FLOW with my morning coffee. It’s amazing what one can accomplish when you’re optimized. We should do better, and we can do better.”

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