“Borrowing knowledge of reality from all sources, taking the best from every study, Science of Mind brings together the highest enlightenment of the ages.”


No other quote quite defines what Maverick Nutrition is devoted to doing; by analyzing results from the latest studies, we take care and detail in everything we design. Each ingredient that is placed into our product is intended to contribute in some way shape or form to your life. That means Ashwagandha to help combat your cortisol levels, Lion’s Mane Extract to improve memory and cognition, Dihydromyricetin to combat toxins from environmental stressors. But ingredients are just that, we want to inform our peers and showcase every detail-oriented decision that was behind our solutions for your life.

Hence our mantra,

Inform, Improve, Innovate.

Is food enough?

Nutrient density and crops have been a widely debated topic in research. Conflicting studies have examined the nutrition contents of major minerals and vitamins in our fruits and vegetables back then, and now. Yes, there is bias and corporate interests behind some of these studies, but what does that mean for us?


It’s food + supplements; optimize and invest in yourself.


Problems with the modern-day diet? How do we know that we’re eating healthy? (For more check out our first blog!)


High dose targeted specific nutrients, found in extremely trace amounts in food. You want more in your life, and we want more for you.

Your problems are our problems.



An all-round cognitive enhancer is critical in the competitive world we live in today. In enhancing the mind, one must also attend to the physiological limitations of the body. Cognitive enhancement and mitochondrial optimization synergistically improve our mental and physical performance. FLOW is able to support this through its three-pronged synergistic approach: Cognitive Support, Neuronal Protection, and Mitochondrial Optimization, which bring together vital ingredients that compliment each other in enhancing the state your being.



In the ever-evolving world today, we are at the forefront of the human existence. In an age dominated by technological advances and leaps in scientific discovery, we have never been more enlightened by the world around us and never been more complex as a race. In this complexity, we are often troubled by various stressors in our ever-progressing lives. We recognize that sleep, stress, and mood are critically linked. Most commonly, synthetic melatonin is prescribed as the generic treatment for sleep. However, due to its negative long-term impacts and a whole range of adverse effects, better alternatives are needed. Through fortifying one’s defences against stress, promoting mood parameters, and improving sleep through both sedation and sleep quality augmentation, TRANQUILITY is the solution to balance out the scales, without synthetic melatonin.



Alcohol has always played a major role society; a substance at the centre of controversy since humanity’s beginning. It’s undeniable that its abuse has a negative impact in society, but it has a certain function in life outside of its identity as a vice and is tied to our nature (in moderation, of course). We recognize that it is here to stay, and as such have developed a product to provide relief and protection from all negative impacts. Dehydration, headaches, stomach pains; PROLIVERATE does not advocate alcohol abuse, but what it does do is help you feel better, and more importantly, be better.

Our packaging, your protection.


Conventional Bottles

  • Permeable to air – incomplete protection
  • Cotton – choking hazard, sticks on capsules and products
  • Desiccant canisters – choking hazard, gets in the way


  • 360° sealing against the elements
  • Cap and body connected, convenience in a bottle
  • No desiccant canisters required – full and easy access

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